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    Developer with broad experience, ranging from frontend to backend and
    sysadmin. Avid user of open source tools such as Linux and automation with
    Salt and Docker. Advocating DevOps practices and making order out of chaos.
    Cutting edge and interested in personal and professional improvement.


    2016–2018 Ambita: Software Engineer (DevOps) Internship           part-time

        Worked on a wide verity of tasks, including but not limited to:
            - Upgrade legacy codebase from Java 7 (Ant+Ivy) to Java 8 (Maven)
            - Automating PostgreSQL backup with Python using Amazon S3
            - Wrapper Bash script around Terraform for shared states
            - Setup Amazon CloudFront template for static files
            - Added support for data checksums in PostgreSQL Puppet module
        Tech used: Java, AWS, Terraform, Puppet, Linux, Python, Bash

    2015–2016 Naturvernforbundet: Web Developer                       freelance

        Complete rewrite of old Wordpress site into a more modern and durable
        site ( using the Yii Framework. Everything except the
        design was rewritten. I used Docker for development. Site includes an
        admin login with management of content, users, orders, etc.
        Tech used: PHP, MariaDB, Yii Framework, Docker

    2012–2016 CompetIT: Developer & System Administrator         full/part-time

        Developing and maintaining a national web site for equestrian sports
        ( Transitioned site from old server to fresh Linux server
        on Linode using a Docker setup. Responsible for server maintenance.
        Tech used: PHP, MariaDB, Yii Framework, jQuery/React, Docker, Linux

    2008–2011 Keyteq: Web Developer                                   full-time

        Making professional web sites for businesses using in-house CMS.
        Started with frontend (HTML/CSS/JS), but gradually moved to backend
        tasks using mostly PHP. Did customizations for customers, like
        integrations to shipping API, payment systems and order handling.
        Tech used: PHP, JS, jQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, CMS, Integrations

    2005–2008 Administrator and Web Developer               volunteer

        One of Norway's biggest IT news and community website. Moderated forum
        content and developed forum extension for support (à la stackoverflow).


    2015–···· University of Bergen: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Technology
    2013–2014 Acem: Training in Interpersonal Communication (3 weeks)
    2009      Zend Technologies: Zend Certified Engineer (PHP5)
    2006–2007 NITH Bergen: One-year study in Information Technology


    2014–2016 Framtiden i Våre Hender Bergen: Board Member            volunteer
    2012–2014 Foreningen for Ressursbasert Økonomi: Member            volunteer


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    +47 416 39 165                                   

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